For Developers

For Developers

For Developers



You can find the general architecture of the virtual research environment TextGrid in the TextGrid Documentation at Technical Documentation – Architecture.

Frontend – TextGridLab

The TextGridLab technical documentation you can find in the TextGrid Documentation at Frontend: TextGrid Laboratory.

Backend – TextGridRep

The complete TextGrid Repository Service API Documentation can be found at The TextGrid Repository Documentation.

Core Services

Import and Dissemination

Extended APIs

Service Clients


Digital Object Management

Documentation on TextGrid Repository workflows and the TextGrid Repository Digital Object Management in general you also can find in the TextGrid Documentation at TextGrid Repository – Digital Object Management.

Source Code

Source Code

You are welcome to participate in the further development of the software! Please visit our Git Repository.


Please address bug reports and feature requests concerning the development of TextGridLab and TextGridRep to By reporting problems and bugs, you help improving TextGrid and continuously providing quality assurance!

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